I guess my first experience with a camera came when I was a kid and was given my parents old Kodak Instamatic camera to take along to summer camp. The camp experience wasn’t too great but the photos I took were good. Not that I knew what I was doing…I was twelve. I don’t think I picked up a camera again until I was in tech school where black and white photography was part of the course I was taking. That was when photography really started to interest me. I took on extra photography projects and spent many hours in the darkroom. Since then, through my work and personal experiences, I have found that my favorite kinds of photography usually doesn’t include people…well at least in the traditional sense. Part of my day job (yes, I have a day job too) is commercial photography and videography with a local school division. I photograph students, staff, buildings, and events for publications and video productions. Although I enjoy that type of photography for work, for fun I tend to throw all my gear in the car and head out of town on my own to see what I can find. If it happens to be at night, around a full moon, all the better. Rob Kunz  
Rob is detail and service orientated. He takes a great deal of pride in the work he does and is a great photographer and framer. Anyone who has worked with Rob understands that he is always looking for ways to make every business relationship a successful one. I highly recommend Rob’s visual skills as well as his framing and photography abilities.
Grant Dougall

Photographer, Educator, Seminar Leader

We’ve invested in Rob’s photo’s and framing over the past few years. His creative eye, as well as his craftsmanship have garnered many great comments from our clients and visitors to our office. Very easy to recommend his work!
Jay Stark

Certified Financial Planner, Sutton Financial Group


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