I signed up to help out with my daughter’s field trip this past week and we had a blast!  It was all about winter survival.  The students learned about some of the hardships in a survival situation and how to handle them.  They learned that one of the first tasks in a survival situation is to find shelter so they had to build lean-to shelters out branches and trees.  I think it was hard for some of them but each group was able to build a fairly good shelter.  While they were off gathering materials I was able to do a little exploring and found this fence line.  Because I didn’t want to carry my DSLR while snowshoeing I brought a small, fairly inexpensive point and shoot camera instead.  This is the result.  Although it’s not the best photo I’ve ever taken it just goes to show, it’s not the camera that makes a good photo!  The photographer has something to do with it as well!



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