And now for something completely different…video!  Well a video made from about 700 still photos.

On the last night of our canoe trip this fall, I set up for a time-lapse overlooking Drope Lake, in Northern Saskatchewan.  I originally just wanted to capture the rising moon(just passed full) and the stars over the lake but a while after setting up we noticed the Northern Lights were out.  And where they ever bright! We commented that we hadn’t see Aurora like that in years!  So what to do, interrupt the time-lapse to photograph the Aurora from other locations on the island or leave the camera and just sit back and watch them dance?  I decided to leave the camera alone.  I knew I would get some of the Northern Lights in the fame but I wasn’t sure how much.  After viewing the images I’m glad I did! Enjoy!

If your bandwidth allows, watch it in full screen HD on Vimeo.


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