Project 5240cHey folks.  So last week marked the 40th year of my existence and I’ve been thinking…many people do something big to commemorate an occasion like this.  Some go on a grand vacation, others will purchase a large item they’ve always wanted.  Still others will pick a challenge to partake in.

So where do I fall?  Well I’ve been feeling a little blocked when it comes to photography lately.  I haven’t been feeling very inspired and when I do feel inspired to do some photography the timing’s wrong or I don’t have my camera. I want to break out of this “photo funk” and I’ve decided to challenge myself to make photos whenever the feeling strikes.  Now that’s still pretty vague and leaves a lot of room for excuses so here is the challenge part… Take, edit and share one image per week for one full year… Project 52/40!

Lots of people do this and even take it one step further and do a photo a day for a year but I know that is not realistic for me.  With a busy life and family a photo a week is going to be a challenge but I think it’s do-able.

The Rule:

  1. The photo must be taken and shared the same week.

The Purpose:

  1. Challenge myself to make images whenever I can.

  2. Challenge myself to try different kinds of photography.

  3. Challenge myself to learn from my mistakes and share them anyway.

I’ll be posting the first photo shortly so don’t go too far and check back weekly to watch my progress.

Wish me luck!


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